Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top Rated Culinary Tours in the Greater Charlotte Area

If you would like to explore the special culinary traditions of Charlotte, NC when visiting, don't just drive around in your new Toyota hoping to find something good. Instead, you might consider attending a food tour, a popular activity in the region. There are many award-winning operators in Charlotte to accommodate your needs and satisfy your taste buds. You can choose from traditional cooking tours or learn more about the contemporary chefs’ innovative meals in the region by attending one of the food tours below.

Tour De Food Charlotte
This tour is great if you would like to explore the history of Charlotte and the food outlets locals prefer. Offered on the first and third Saturday of each month, this local guided walk is organized by the North Davidson Art District, and it covers different dishes from five restaurants and deli shops. The organization also has private tours for large family groups or events.

The price for the Uptown Charlotte tour is $60 per person for three and a half hours of walking and five to seven stops, while the Mini Tour costs you $25, lasting just one and a half hours. You can also attend if you are a vegetarian and provide the company with advanced notice. Compare the packages and prices on the official Tour De Food website.

Whether you attend a tour or not, NoDa is a great spot to park your Toyota rental Charlotte for a while and explore the local shops and restaurants.

Feast Food Tours
Starting from Uptown Charlotte, this tour is suitable for all ages and accessible by public transport. The general price is $55, which includes all the food and beer tastings, as well as the guidance. The walking food tours cover the historic South End of the city, South Uptown, or offer a chef-driven uptown experience for those interested in the latest creation by local restaurants.

One of the customer favorites is the local Favors of NoDa tour, allowing visitors to meet Charlotte entrepreneurs with a passion for food. This tour takes about three hours and covers a total of 2 miles. Listen to the hidden history of Charlotte and try some specialty drinks and cupcakes on the go.

Charlotte’s Historic South End Food Tour
This three-and-a-half-hour tour is perfect for waking up your culinary senses. Starting off at Atherton Market, head toward the historic West End of Charlotte, where you will experience the true atmosphere of the city and the old district. You can meet local artisans who will tell you more about their work, innovation, and let you taste their produce. You can eat, drink, listen, and make new friends as you cover the 2-mile route, every second and fourth Saturday of the month.

Offered by Tour de Food, this attraction is popular among locals who are looking for inspiration and those who are thinking about moving to Charlotte. Experience the city from a different perspective, look at what local wine shops have to offer, sample salads from Zia Pia, and pick your favorite places to visit for the next family meal.

Walking tours around the historic sites of Charlotte are popular among visitors of the city. You will not only experience the hospitality of Charlotte’s businesses but also learn more about what Charlotte has to offer for you and your loved ones.