Friday, September 15, 2017

Knowing When You’re Ready for a Land Cruiser

Many people thinking practically when researching Toyota models to buy, while many other idealist. In other words, some people want a vehicle that works well to get from A to B. And, the idealist are focused on a “good looking” vehicle and maybe lots of flash gadgets and features. On top of that, are you a car or truck type of person?

If you consider yourself somewhere in the middle in both scenarios then we may have good news. You can have the looks, luxury, and all-road capability if you choose to lease or own a Toyota Land Cruiser.

We visited Scott Clark Toyota near Charlotte NC a few weeks ago to get a closer look at this amazing SUV and bring you the best of what we found.

Safety First

First and foremost, let us talk about safety. The Land Cruiser comes standard with the advance Star Safety System and ten airbags. The Star Safety System is comprised of A-TRAC, ABS, EBD, VSC, SST and BA safety features. The ten airbags throughout the vehicle have been strategically placed to maximize the safety of each and every occupant. All this smart technology will help you stay safe whether you are in the city or on a country road.

Onboard Tech

We mentioned premium technology while discussing the Land Cruiser’s many safety features and that probably left you wondering about its other high-tech features like onboard entertainment. If this is true, you will be happy to know this new Toyota comes with plenty of onboard, luxury technology to enjoy. Land Cruiser drivers have the ability to connect their IPod or listen to SiriusXM over the vehicle’s fourteen JBL speakers, one of which is an eight inch subwoofer. That’s a lot of ear candy! For eye candy, it boost a center-mounted nine inch high resolution touch screen. Its display system is complete with an App Suite and, of course, navigation. As a cherry on the cake, the vehicle is available with a rear-seat DVD system that includes two 11.6 inch screens.

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser, interior


The Land Cruiser sells for a pretty penny but, those who can afford one will definitely enjoy the superior performance –after all that is what you are paying for. This vehicle boost a powerful v8 engine and 8-speed transmission. Both have special technology incorporated into them that allows for maximum performs regardless of driving conditions or driver.  There is also a special mode that allows a driver to choose a gear manually. Overall, we feel safe saying the Toyota Land Cruiser is built from the ground up to handle off-road terrain without issue. You can even use the front, rear, and side cameras to see surrounding terrain.

Toyota’s 2018 Land Cruiser has so much more to offer so we encourage you to go check it out. If you are ready to buy new trucks Matthews NC, cars, vans or SUVs, we recommend the dealership we visited – Scott Clark Toyota. There are a well-established New & Used Toyota Dealership with Toyota Service and Repair center. We hope you enjoyed this article and come back for more.