Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Car at a Local Toyota Dealer

Are you thinking about buying a used car? There are so many advantages to buying used; however, you do want to make sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing before you make a commitment; which is why your Matthews area Toyota dealer wants to suggest some questions that you should ask before you purchase a used car.

How many previous owners where there? The more owners the car had, the greater the chance of damages or defects. Why? Because more drivers means that there is a greater chance for accidents and wear and tear.

What was the vehicle used for? Find out how the vehicle was used by the previous owner(s). For example, if the vehicle was a rental, it may have more wear and tear than something that was owned by a retiree and was used sparingly.

Are there any service records on the vehicle? Find out if there are any service records, and if so, ask if you can see them. A car that was serviced regularly will likely be in better condition than a vehicle that hasn’t been serviced regularly. Also, if the car was serviced when it should have been, it will still fall under warranty requirements. If not, it won’t, and you’ll have more expenses on repairs in the future.

Was it involved in any accidents? A car that has been in an accident is less valuable than a car that wasn’t. Also, an accident may mean problems down the road, as after-market parts may have been installed, or irreparable damage may have been done.

How many miles are on the odometer? Check to see how many miles there are on the car. Higher miles could mean more problems down the road.

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