Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Toyota Announces that the Hatch is Back –And Better Than Ever Before

There is a 2019 Hatchback Toyota Model that may bring back some good, old memories of the Toyota Matrix –and the FX16 before it.

The Toyota Matrix was a compact hatchback style vehicle that was discontinued in 2013. For some, there was something special about the Matrix’s design that set it well apart from Toyota’s other compact hatchback, the Yaris. Although Toyota does not have plans to revive the Matrix, it is releasing an all-new 2019 Corolla Hatchback that seems to blend the best parts of both models.

The largest contrasts that the new Corolla draws in comparison to the Matrix is not seen on the surface. Once behind the wheel, drivers can quickly take note of all the extraordinary technologies and improved fuel efficiency. Unlike the Matrix and FX16, the new Toyota Hatchback is filled to the brim with both safety and entertainment oriented technology systems.

2019 Toyota Corolla Prototype shown with options | Toyota.com
Toyota considers the 2019 Corolla to be the most technologically-advanced small car they have debuted in North America thus-far. As with other Toyota models, safety comes started in the new hatchback which will feature the first North American application of “Standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0”. Other Toyota safety tech to be found include: PCS w/PD, Full-Speed DRCC, LDA w/SA, AHB, LTA, RSA, seven standard air-bags, and Toyota’s Star Safety System.

In addition to safety, there is an ambience of fun tech to match this smart and playful design. The standard features are to include Entune 3.0 Audio, 8 in. touchscreen display, wifi connecting capability, Apple CarPlay, and Alexa. The sound system includes 6.7-inch Door Subwoofers for deep-bass. It’s amazing how the engineers were able to cram in so many features while still keeping the interior feel of the vehicle simple and inviting.

Undoubtable stylish, the all-new Corolla has plenty to offer under the hood to provide drivers with optimal functionality. The light, more powerful engine offers better performance and increased MPG. There certainly notable differences between the 2019 Corolla and past hatchbacks that consumers are bound to love! We highly recommend reading Toyota’s press release about the vehicle and visiting your local Toyota dealership for a test drive once available.